Ron walks in local parades, talks about keeping local communities safe


Ron made stops at parades across Northern Wisconsin for July 4th and talked about how he is working to keep local communities safe and reduce the regulatory burden on Wisconsin businesses.

From NBC 12:

Northwoods – Sen. Ron Johnson celebrated Independence Day Monday walking in Rhinelander’s, Minocqua’s, and Phillips’s Fourth of July parades.

He wants to destroy ISIS with the help of an international coalition.

“If we don’t, the analogy I’m using, it’s like having a hive of killer bees in your backyard,” Johnson said. “We all know the solution there–you take them out, you kill the bees. If you just go in there and poke a stick at the hive, you can do some damage. That’s what we’re doing right now. We’re poking a stick at the hive, the bees are leaving the hive, and they’re spreading to different countries.”

He also wants to talk about issues like reforming government regulations.

“Would you rather have that $12,000 feeding the government, this regulatory burden, or would you rather have that $12,000 feeding your paycheck, feeding your family?” Johnson asked. “That’s where we need to move forward. I understand that, I come from a manufacturing background. I know how to grow a business, how to grow an economy. Senator Feingold doesn’t have a clue.”