Why Wisconsin’s grassroots volunteers will propel Ron to victory


This week, Ron announced the launch of his Badger Brigade – grassroots volunteers who have committed to helping keep Wisconsin prosperous and America safe. Here are 5 reasons Wisconsin’s grassroots volunteers will propel Ron to victory.

1. Ron has a Badger Brigade made up of 100,000 grassroots supporters who are committed to helping him win.

2. Wisconsin Republicans have already made more than 750,000 volunteer voter contacts.

3. Wisconsin Republicans have seen it all – they delivered three victories for Governor Walker, flipped swing congressional districts to solid RED, and built deep Republican majorities in the state legislature.

4. Ron has established grassroots leadership in every one of Wisconsin’s 72 counties.

5. As National Journal reported, Republican volunteers in Wisconsin already have their jerseys on – and are ready to defeat Senator Feingold.