ICYMI: Ron Johnson Is Working to Solve Problems to Keep Local Communities Safe

Ron holds hearing on ISIS, focuses on defeating Islamic terrorism after Orlando attack

Following the terror attack in Orlando, Ron has continued his work as a problem solver developing real solutions to keep local communities safe. He held a hearing on ISIS this week, and all across Wisconsin he’s discussed the need to destroy Islamic terrorism.

ICYMI, on Tuesday he discussed the hearing on ISIS on Fox News. Click here to watch and find a key excerpt below:

In the interview, Ron said: “There’s two ways to end a war – you either defeat the other side or both sides decide to lay down their arms. That’s not happening with Islamic terror. And that’s certainly what our hearing was about yesterday, is the ongoing brutality, the savagery, the depravity, the barbarity, of ISIS.

“It’s hard to describe, it’s actually hard to listen to the witnesses. We had a young Yazidi woman, Nadia, come and describe her captivity, her enslavement, her rape. There’s the reality, there’s not a whole lot of love there. And so the bottom line is what we have to do to defeat Islamic terror is actually destroy them.

“We have to defeat ISIS, we have hunt down Islamic terrorists wherever they have found safe haven on the planet and we have to defeat them. It’s going to take a long-term effort; it’s going to take a commitment by the civilized world. People that actually do love peace, but that’s not ISIS’s profile. I mean I don’t know why they do what they do, but they are doing it and it has to be stopped.”