Ron Johnson Launches TV Ad on Record as a Problem Solver

Ron Johnson Launches TV Ad on Record as a Problem Solver

Talks about career climbing up from the bottom, working for Wisconsin’s economic and national security

Ron Johnson launched his next statewide television and digital ad today, talking about his background as a problem solver who climbed up from the bottom and helped build a successful manufacturing company before working to address the economic and national security concerns of people across Wisconsin.

You can watch the ad, entitled “Dishwasher,” here. The ad begins with Ron talking about his career, “Not many people start at the top – most of us start at the bottom. I sure did. At age 15, I started washing dishes at a Walgreens grill for $1.45 an hour. Minimum wage.”

It then cuts to the Oshkosh manufacturing company Ron helped start. “Not only did I help install this machine, I also operated it, working 12-hour shifts at night,” Ron says. “As the business grew, we added machines and created more jobs. And now I’m working hard to keep Wisconsin prosperous, and America safe.”

This positive ad builds on the June 7 launch of Ron’s first TV ad of 2016, “Pallets,” in which he discusses his record of creating good Wisconsin jobs in contrast to Washington career politicians who “manufacture hogwash.” You can watch “Pallets” here.

Key Facts:

  • Ron Johnson’s first job was for minimum wage at a Walgreens grill. He went on to work his way through college, work as an accountant, and co-found an Oshkosh manufacturing company, PACUR. Ron worked as an accountant and machine operator, trading 12-hour shifts with his brother-in-law.
  • Ron has applied the problem-solving skills he learned as a manufacturer to his time working for Wisconsin on the economic and national security issues facing our country. He has focused on creating good jobs with real economic growth, keepingWisconsin communities safe, and taking on the dysfunction in Washington.
  • As chairman of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, Ron has pushed real solutions to protect our national security, launched investigations on a range of issues including the tragedies at the Tomah VA, and passed 83 bills out of committee, 26 of which have become law.