What They’re Saying: Ron Johnson’s First TV Ad Shows Contrast Between Oshkosh Manufacturer and Career Politician

Ron launched his first TV ad of the campaign this week. In “Pallets,” Ron talks about his record as a manufacturer from Oshkosh who knows what it takes to create good-paying jobs for all Wisconsinites and take on the dysfunction in Washington.

This is a sharp contrast to career politician Senator Russ Feingold, and it has state and national media talking, including the Cap Times, Journal Sentinel, Wisconsin State Journal, Associated Press, TV stations across the state, Politico, CQ/Roll Call, National Journal, Washington Examiner, Plastics News, and other state and national media.

Check out what they’re saying:

Cap Times: “‘Career politicians manufacture hogwash,’ Johnson says from the floor of PACUR, the company he helped launch in 1979. ‘I manufacture plastic. And I respect you enough to tell you the truth.’… ‘Some companies export jobs. We export our products,’ Johnson says. ‘We’ve been doing it for decades, helping to create more Wisconsin jobs. And I’ve stayed put, right here in Oshkosh, for 37 years.’ Johnson’s allies have hammered Feingold throughout the race for his time teaching at Stanford University in California.” (The Cap Times: In first 2016 campaign ad, Ron Johnson says career politicians manufacture ‘hogwash’)

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “In his debut spot, Johnson, the Republican incumbent, went back to his manufacturing roots to talk jobs and the economy, taking a page from his 2010 political playbook when he first ran for public office and ousted Feingold, a Democrat. … But in many ways the ad serves as a bookend to a digital ad the Johnson campaign pushed last month. Titled “Deficit of Trust,” the earlier spot sought to portray Feingold as a career politician, charging he failed to adequately address the national debt.” (Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Ron Johnson launches statewide ad campaign, touts manufacturing roots)

Wisconsin State Journal: “Ron Johnson’s first TV ad casts him as a manufacturer, not a politician. … More than three decades ago, Johnson, R-Oshkosh, co-founded the plastic fabrication business Pacur. His campaign has sought to contrast that background with Feingold’s lengthy career in elected office, which began in 1982. ‘Career politicians manufacture hogwash. I manufacture plastic, and I respect you enough to tell you the truth,’ Johnson said. ‘If you think it’s time for Washington to start facing reality, I sure could use your support.’” (Wisconsin State Journal: Ron Johnson’s first TV ad casts him as a manufacturer, not a politician)

Plastic News: “Job growth, and keeping U.S. jobs stateside, will continue to be a major issue in Johnson’s campaign, with many comparisons between Johnson’s efforts to create jobs back home in Wisconsin, control government spending and enact policies to keep business moving forward in the heartland and Feingold’s 18 years in Washington and 30 years in politics rather than business. With that in mind, I very much doubt this is the last time we see Johnson standing next to film and sheet rolls bound for Mexico and China between now and November.” (Plastic News: Plastics and politics combine as Johnson seeks re-election)

AP: “In the ad, Johnson speaks directly to the camera as a forklift drives by an American flag. … The first television ad of Republican Sen. Ron Johnson’s re-election campaign released Tuesday draws a sharp contrast between his background and that of his Democratic opponent, without mentioning Russ Feingold by name.” (AP: Republican Sen. Johnson launches first television ad)