Ron’s first ad draws contrast between an Oshkosh manufacturer & a career politician

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Ron launched his first TV ad yesterday, on his record as an Oshkosh manufacturer, and it’s a stark contrast to Senator Feingold’s as a career politician — as we already highlighted in our “Deficit of Trust” digital ad. The contrast is turning heads:

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Appearing on the factory floor of Pacur, the Oshkosh manufacturing company he helped build, Johnson said in the ad: “Career politicians manufacture hogwash — I manufacture plastic. And I respect you enough to tell you the truth. If you think it’s time for Washington to start facing reality, I sure could use your support.”

The ad makes no mention of Feingold.

But in many ways the ad serves as a bookend to a digital ad the Johnson campaign pushed last month. Titled “Deficit of Trust,” the earlier spot sought to portray Feingold as a career politician, charging he failed to adequately address the national debt.

From Right Wisconsin:

The ad is part of a planned $1.3 million dollar buy from Johnson’s campaign which will run throughout the month of June. In addition to the television ad, the campaign has been running an online ad attacking Feingold on federal spending since the end of May.