Ron Johnson Launches First TV Ad of 2016: Wisconsin Jobs & Taking on Washington

Ron Johnson Launches First TV Ad of 2016: Wisconsin Jobs & Taking on Washington

Says from floor of Oshkosh company he helped build that career politicians “manufacture hogwash… I respect you enough to tell you the truth”

Ron Johnson launched his first statewide television and digital ad of the 2016 election today, talking about his record creating good Wisconsin jobs and telling Wisconsinites from the floor of the Oshkosh manufacturing company he helped build that he respects them enough to tell them the truth – in stark contrast to career politicians like Senator Russ Feingold who “manufacture hogwash.”

You can watch the ad, entitled “Pallets” here. It begins with Ron walking through PACUR, saying, “These pallets, heading to China – those Mexico. Some companies export jobs. We export our products. Been doing it for decades, helping to create more Wisconsin jobs. And I’ve stayed put – right here in Oshkosh – for 37 years.

“Career politicians manufacture hogwash – I manufacture plastic. And I respect you enough to tell you the truth. If you think it’s time for Washington to start facing reality, I sure could use your support.”

Key Facts:

  • Ron Johnson has a record of creating good jobs in Wisconsin, starting with the company he helped found in 1979 in Oshkosh. Senator Feingold spent 18 years in Washington and 30 years in political office total, in addition to lecturing at Stanford University in California.
  • Ron has fought to grow the economy – not government – by working to control government spending and enact policies to get Washington out of the way of good Wisconsin jobs and economic opportunity for all.
  • He has also pushed real solutions to help keep our country safe and worked to hold Washington accountable – through investigations as well as legislation like the  BADGER Washington Act – as chairman of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs.