Ron is working for Wisconsin

Last month, Wisconsin Republicans held their state party convention in Green Bay. The grassroots energy and enthusiasm was high as Scott Walker, Rebecca Kleefisch, Sean Duffy and other leaders all united behind Ron and his campaign for good Wisconsin jobs, a stronger national security, and a more accountable federal government.

This weekend, Wisconsin Democrats will hold their convention. And with Senator Feingold headlining the show, there will be a striking contrast. Senator Feingold’s glaring hypocrisy, broken promises to Wisconsinites, and willingness to say one thing and do another if it will get him back to Washington.

With the two conventions side-by-side, the difference between Ron’s Wisconsin values and Senator Feingold addiction to Washington will be clear.

Ron supports Wisconsin’s farmers; Senator Feingold is busy collecting dark money

Ron has consistently worked get Washington out of the way of good jobs and protect Wisconsin farmers and families from the EPA’s overreach. Meanwhile, Senator Feingold doesn’t care that his agenda will kill jobs for Wisconsin families – he’s even willing to take help from dark money groups over the issue after years of railing against it.

Ron is badgering Washington into real reforms; Senator Feingold has a “deficit of trust” with voters

Ron recently introduced his Badger Washington Act – a real solution to cut wasteful spending and hold Washington accountable. Senator Feingold has a “deficit of trust” with Wisconsin voters because he’s been saying one thing and doing another when it comes to federal spending and good government.

Ron is working to strengthen our national security; Senator Feingold is selling out for a dangerous foreign policy

Ron has passed legislation to help keep terrorists out of the United States and is advocating for a comprehensive strategy to defeat ISIS. Senator Feingold has sold out to liberal groups while supporting President Obama’s dangerous weak foreign policy.