Fact Sheet: 34 years

Welcome to Senator Feingold’s 34th annual Democrat state convention. We can’t promise he wasn’t in Washington – or California – for any of these, but that’s how many conventions there have been since he was first elected to political office.

A few facts worth noting as Senator Feingold attempts his fifth run for the U.S. Senate:

  • Senator Feingold spent 18 years in Washington, and 28 years in elected office total. He’s also been a political appointee, a California professor, and a lawyer.
  • In all, Senator Feingold has spent approximately 50 percent of his entire life, and about 75 percent of his career years after graduating from law school, in political office.
  • Senator Feingold has proven his hypocrisy knows no bounds and that he’ll violate his own principles to claw his way back to Washington. He’s abandoned his pledge to rely on Wisconsin donors, started a slush fund to line his own pockets and build a national fundraising apparatus for his next run for office, and gone back on his opposition to dark money.
  • Senator Feingold likes to talk about jobs but his record is abysmal. In fact, the National Federation of Independent Business – the nation’s leading small business organization – gave him a worse rating than self-avowed Socialist Bernie Sanders.
  • Senator Feingold pretends to be an independent voice on national security, but he’s built up a dangerously weak record during his 18 years in Washington. He’s offered no real plan to deal with terrorists, backs the reckless Iran deal and President Obama’s failed foreign policy, voted against giving law enforcement the tools they need to track terrorists, and even supports bringing Guantanamo Bay detainees onto U.S. soil.
  • Senator Feingold promised for decades to deal with federal spending, but only knows how to grow government. He was one of the deciding votes on Obamacare, voted four times against forcing Washington to balance the budget, and voted in favor of higher taxes more than 270 times.
  • Had enough? After 34 years, Wisconsin has too.