John from Manitowoc makes clear why he’s supporting Ron

In a letter to the editor published in the Tri-County News in Kiel, John Goswitz of Manitowoc states why Ron’s business background, belief in limited government, and strong national security positions make him the best choice for Wisconsin.

Senate race in state important
Tri-County News – Kiel
By John Goswitz
May 7, 2016

The November presidential election is vitally important, but the election, of equal significance, is the competition for the Senate seat of Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson.

He is opposed by former Senator Russ Feingold who was defeated by Senator Johnson in the election of November 2010. A comparative evaluation between these two men is mandatory.

Russ Feingold is a progressive, liberal, socialist Democrat who has always been a government employee, wants to expand government control, and, despite 18 years in the Senate, was never appointed chairman of a committee. Sen. Johnson is a conservative Republican, started his own plastic sheeting business in Oshkosh in 1979, wants to reduce government control, and was elected chairman of Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs in 2015.

Russ Feingold denied Iran as an enemy, favored the Iran nuclear deal, and agreed that the timetable to remove troops from Afghanistan was strategically correct. He also favored Obama’s immigration policy and would not secure the border. Sen. Johnson vigorously opposed and wants to eliminate the Iran deal, called for strategy to defeat ISIS, wants to secure the border, and will fully vet all Syrian refugees. He believes cyber control is necessary.

Russ Feingold favored Obama’s stimulus package (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act 2009), voted against a balanced budget four times, and thought Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were fiscally sound. The result was more debt and no jobs. Sen. Johnson voted for a balanced budget, conducted hearings on waste in government agencies, and wanted government to be fiscally responsible to taxpayers.

Russ Feingold proudly states that his vote passed Obamacare on March 21, 2010. Sen. Johnson authored a bill to allow Americans to retain their health policies and emphasized the full cost of Obamacare and the loss of our health care freedom.

Russ Feingold favored more EPA regulations. Sen. Johnson wants to protect farmers, manufacturers, and property owners against controls and water rights. Sen. Johnson wants to replace Justice Scalia after the presidential election, has been aggressive on his help to the VA, and he believes that our national security has been breached by Hillary Clinton’s e-mail scandals.

Weigh the balance intelligently between these two men because this election is essential to the future of Wisconsin and the United States.