Convention Recap: Wisconsin Republicans united to help Ron


Media outlets across the state are reporting that Wisconsin Republicans have made Ron’s victory their top priority for November. It’s time to defeat Senator Feingold… again.

From WHBL:

Following a day of speeches talking about how important it is for him to retain his seat in Washington, delegates at the Republican Party of Wisconsin’s state convention in Green Bay on Saturday endorsed U.S. Senator Ron Johnson’s bid for a second term in office.

Speaking to the convention, Johnson stressed that he’s the same person he was when he was elected six years ago, although his concerns about government overreach have gotten worse.

“This nation is in peril…it’s why I ran in 2010, I was panicked for this nation. I’ve been doing this now for six years…I don’t like to report this, but today I am more panicked for this nation.”

Johnson said voters would have a clear choice in November, with him as someone with a business background who knows how to grow the economy and get the government out of the way, versus Feingold who he described as a “career politician” who knows how to “grow government.”

From WBAY:

“What’s common, is I’m still the same guy I always was,” said Sen. Johnson

Even after spending six years in Washington D.C., Sen. Ron Johnson says he still feels like a political outsider.

“I come from the private sector. I bring that perspective that business is hard, and the federal government makes it that much more difficult for businesses to expand to create jobs that are higher paying and more secure versus Senator Feingold whose a career politician. Most recently, a California professor,” said Sen. Johnson.

Johnson says if elected to a second term, there’s one word, to describe his focus, and that’s “security.”

“It’s not just national security, it’s income security, job security, health care security. Let’s face it, the pace and protection of the Affordable Care Act did not live up to it’s name,” said Sen. Johnson.

From Fox 11:

As the Republican Party of Wisconsin hosts its 2016 State Convention in Green Bay this weekend, Gov. Scott Walker’s speech focused on unity behind Sen. Ron Johnson.

“I’ve been asked for the last two weeks over and over and over again by the media, ‘Is the party united here in Wisconsin?’ Well I want to tell you clearly, the Republicans in this hall and across this state are overwhelmingly united behind Ron Johnson to be our United States Senator,” said Walker.

From the Daily Cardinal:

Walker’s son Alex also spoke, but focused instead on the U.S. Senate race between the incumbent, Johnson, and former Sen. Russ Feingold. The younger Walker is the chair of College Republicans at UW-Madison as well as the vice chair of the Wisconsin Federation of College Republicans.

“Our message to our campus is simple,” Alex Walker said. “Russ Feingold wants to be dependent on the government when you graduate. Ron Johnson wants you to get a job when you graduate.”

From Fox 11:

Speaker Paul Ryan said, “I’ve got to tell you, one of our biggest priorities is making sure that we all work together to re-elect our great Senator, Ron Johnson, a true citizen-legislator.”