Wisconsin Republicans are united for Ron


Gov. Scott Walker and Wisconsin Republicans made clear at the Republican Party of Wisconsin’s state convention that helping Ron win is their top priority in November.

From Governor Scott Walker:

I’ve been asked for the last two weeks over and over and over again by the media, is the party united here in Wisconsin? Well I want to tell you clearly, the Republicans in this hall and across this state are overwhelmingly united behind Ron Johnson to be our United States Senator.

From Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch:

We understand that Ron Johnson has a brilliant mind, but what I have gotten to know over the last several months is that Ron Johnson has a huge conservative heart. 

From Congressman Reid Ribble:

Ron Johnson has been a stalwart champion for conservative values in the U.S. Senate for the entire time he’s been there. And we have to, we have to, work as hard as we can and as diligently and as long as it takes to make sure that we return Ron Johnson to the U.S. Senate.

From Congressman Sean Duffy:

We all have got to fight to make sure Ron Johnson goes back to the Senate.

From Speaker Robin Vos

I will be there. I will work for Senator Johnson.