Ron Johnson at GOP Convention: The Stakes Are High in November, and the Contrast Is Clear

Says in Green Bay to hundreds of grassroots supporters they need to work to activate Republican ground game, save Wisconsin and America

Receiving the endorsement of the Republican Party of Wisconsin at its state convention in Green Bay, Ron Johnson discussed the high stakes in November and the contrast between a manufacturer like himself and a career politician like Senator Feingold. He urged hundreds of grassroots supporters to activate the nationally recognized Wisconsin Republican ground game for victory.

See excerpts of Ron’s speech below:

On running for re-election: “I haven’t changed. And you know who else hasn’t changed? You. We are the same freedom-loving people from 2010. … We are not looking for a government handout. We are just looking for the government to just leave us alone. … I remember being humbled by your endorsement (in 2010). I remember feeling the weight of the responsibility. I feel that weight today.”

On teaching Washington some Wisconsin common sense: “We have courageous men and women who put Wisconsin on the right path. Now we have to put America on the right path. … What we do here in Wisconsin, I believe, can be crucial to literally saving this nation. And I cannot think of a better group of people, a better bunch of folks, to shoulder that burden, to literally save this nation.”

On national security: “I don’t think this nation can count on Senator Feingold to keep Wisconsin or this nation safe.”

On choosing Wisconsin families over Washington: “Obamacare has been a massive consumer fraud. In the private sector, you would not own your company if you made those false promises … I hear Senator Feingold say in interviews that this health care law isn’t as bad as people are pretending it to be. Are you kidding me?”

On victory in November: “We have got a job to do, let’s roll up our shirt leaves. Let’s get it done. … As we head into election season, we all know what we need to do.”