GOP Ground Game’s Growing Strength Sets Up Ron Johnson for Victory in November

GOP Ground Game’s Growing Strength Sets Up Ron Johnson for Victory in November

Hundreds of thousands of voters contacted in-person, over the phone

The Ron Johnson campaign today highlighted the more than 600,000 volunteer voter contacts Wisconsin Republicans have made as proof that their nationally recognized ground game is reaching new levels of strength ahead of the Republican Party of Wisconsin’s convention this weekend.

“The ground game Wisconsin Republicans have built was already our most powerful weapon, and it’s stronger now than ever before,” Ron Johnson said. “We’ve made hundreds of thousands of volunteer voter contacts and we’ll keep working hard to capture the energy and passion of Wisconsinites who are ready for a better economy, stronger national security, and a more accountable federal government. The stakes in this election are high and we’re running a true grassroots campaign to win in November.”

Key Facts:

  • Wisconsin Republicans have built a nationally recognized ground game with proven results that stand out among battleground states: Gov. Scott Walker’s three victories, turning swing congressional districts solidly red, deep Republican majorities in the state legislature, and Ron’s victory in 2010.
  • As Chuck Todd’s Meet the Press blog noted, “On the GOP side, there is perhaps no more successful state Republican party than there is in Wisconsin.”
  • Since early 2015, hundreds of volunteers with the Republican Party of Wisconsin have made more than 600,000 voter contacts through neighborhood canvassing and phone calls.
  • Ron has built upon the ground game perfected by Gov. Walker, the Republican Party of Wisconsin, and local parties across the state by selecting grassroots leadership in all of Wisconsin’s 72 counties to help with ground game efforts.
  • Grassroots energy is high for Wisconsin Republicans. More than 1.1 million Wisconsinites voted in the April 6 Republican presidential primary, about 100,000 more votes than were cast for Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.