#RonOnTheRoad: Wrapping Up Day 3

Another great day on the road! We started things off in Hudson and ended the night in Madison. Here’s the rundown:

We kicked things off at Key’s Cafe for breakfast in Hudson to fuel up for another day on the road.

Ron then joined Jamey Johnson on Hudson/North Hudson Community Access TV’s Western Wisconsin Journal to talk about how he’s working for Wisconsin to control federal spending, get Washington out of the way of good jobs, and keep our communities safe from everything from Islamic terrorism to drug trafficking.

We then hit the road to Eau Claire to talk with local business leaders about their concerns and how to help them succeed as part of #SmallBizWeek. It was a great discussion about pro-growth tax reform and reducing the regulatory burden.  

We then headed over to Lane Creek Dairy – a family dairy farm with 60 milk cows in La Crosse – to hear about the innovative technology they’re using. Ron’s working hard to make sure overregulation doesn’t stand in the way of Wisconsin’s agricultural heritage. One particular rule — the Waters of the United States — would actually give the federal government the authority to regulate 92% of the land in Wisconsin, making it harder for farmers and businesses to succeed.

We ended the day during a beautiful evening in Madison where Ron talked to supporters about the stark contrasts in this race.