#RonOnTheRoad: 5 Days, 14 Counties, 20 Stops

We’re getting ready for our kickoff tour that starts tomorrow! We’ll be hitting the road with Ron, making 20 stops in five days and hitting every corner of the state. After kicking things off at the plastics manufacturing firm he built in Oshkosh— PACUR — Ron will hit the road, working his way around the state, making stops at local businesses, logging sites, dairy farms…you name it. He’ll also be thanking our grassroots supporters and firing up the troops at a rally with Paul Ryan. We’ll be talking about how Ron’s using his private sector perspective to work for Wisconsin — such as how fighting against the Waters of the United States regulation helps Wisconsin’s dairy farmers, and how securing the border is critical in solving our state’s opioid epidemic.

#RonOnTheRoad: Kickoff Tour Map

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