#RonOnTheRoad: Republican Energy, WI Entrepreneurs, & Beer

Last week, Wisconsin showed the country the strength of our Republican ground game — and Ron continued working for taxpayers and pushing real solutions to keep our country safe.

The big takeaway from Tuesday, April 5 Wisconsin primary was that the Republican ground game Scott Walker and the Republican Party have honed over the past four years is stronger than ever, and Wisconsin continues to trend red. In fact, 100,000 more Republicans voted in the primary than Democrats.

With Ron’s travels around the state, he has been hearing a lot about the spirit of American entrepreneurs. ‪Watch this video to see Ron talk about that and his other stops!

Last week Thursday was also National Beer Day.  We reminded people what Ron said at a keg tapping in October, “We are great people. We love beer. There is nothing partisan about that.”

Also on Tuesday, April 5, Ron held the first hearing in the Senate on the Brussels terrorist attacks, where he helped highlight ISIS “kill lists” that threaten American lives.

He also warned about the risk of ISIS or other Islamic terrorists entering the U.S., highlighting why the real solutions he is pushing to keep terrorists out and protect our critical infrastructure are so crucial.

Sunday was National Siblings Day, and we hope you had a chance to remember all of your brothers and sisters. And don’t forget to follow #RonOnTheRoad on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram as the campaign really begins to ramp up!