#RonOnTheRoad: Jobs, Big Endorsement, and National Security

We hope everyone had a nice Easter weekend! You have to check out this adorable photo of Ron and Jane with their grandkids Archer and Marit.

Ron received the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s first U.S. Senate endorsement of 2016! After receiving their endorsement, he traveled across the state with them and Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, visiting manufacturing facilities and meeting with workers and business leaders in Rothschild, Green Bay, and Waukesha.

As Ron said, it’s time to “get Washington out of the way of our private sector economy to help give hard-working Wisconsin families the economic security they deserve.”

Ron also continued pushing for real solutions to keep our country safe after the Brussels terror attack. He said, “Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Brussels. The threat of Islamic terror is real and growing, and we must do all that is necessary to keep our homeland safe and defeat this scourge on humanity once and for all.”
Ron also commented on President Obama’s failed leadership, saying, “Americans are growing weary of leadership that refuses to acknowledge harsh realities and a president who dances a tango and attends a ballgame with a brutal dictator instead of addressing the threats facing our nation.”
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