ICYMI: Ron Johnson Calls on Republican Presidential Candidates to “Focus on a Positive Message of Prosperity and Opportunity”

Discusses his hopes for the presidential field, what the country needs, and his plans not to endorse 

In case you missed it, Ron Johnson discussed the Republican field on Fox News with Bill Hemmer of America’s Newsroom ahead of Wisconsin’s presidential primary on April 5, calling for a “positive message of prosperity and opportunity” and noting that he does not plan to make an endorsement.

You can watch the entire interview here, and find excerpts below:

On his hopes for the presidential field:

“I like to accentuate the positive. I want to push what our party stands for, which is economic growth and opportunity, and which is the solution for so many problems. I wish candidates would focus on a positive message of prosperity and opportunity. I like Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment – speak no ill of Republican candidates.”

On Wisconsinites wanting leadership that promotes economic and national security:

“I think Wisconsinites realize maybe America voted for hope and change in 2008, and it’s not the change they were looking for and it hasn’t provided them security. Republicans’ message ought to be what to do to get our economy growing. We have to reduce the regulatory burden. We need a competitive tax system… if we do that, we can take advantage of the fact we are the world’s largest economy.”

On his plans to support the Republican nominee and not endorse in the primary:

“I won’t be doing any endorsement. I intend to support the Republican nominee.  … We’ll see how this process plays out. Nobody can predict it. We have a number of months to play out. … I go to bed every night praying for a person of integrity, intelligence, ideas, and courage.”