U.S. Chamber of Commerce Endorses Ron Johnson

In a swing through Wausau, Green Bay, and Milwaukee on Obamacare anniversary, Chamber makes Wisconsin its first endorsement for U.S. Senate in 2016

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday endorsed Ron Johnson, making Wisconsin the site of its first endorsement for U.S. Senate in 2016 and campaigning with Ron at manufacturing facilities and other stops in the Wausau, Green Bay, and Milwaukee areas.

The endorsement occurred on the sixth anniversary of Obamacare being signed into law.

Ron Johnson said: “As a manufacturer – not a career politician – I appreciate the support of others who have grown and started businesses that create good jobs and economic opportunity for all. I will continue my work to get Washington out of the way of our private sector economy to help give hard-working Wisconsin families the economic security they deserve.”

Rob Engstrom, Senior Vice President and National Political Director, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, said:  “Ron Johnson is a proven and tested leader who understands that the American Free Enterprise system is the only way to drive sustained economic growth. We’re honored to be in Wisconsin and stand with the state and local business community to highlight his record. Senator Feingold, on the other hand, is a career politician who has spent almost 30 years championing a ‘government knows best’ approach that stifles the American economy. Voters in Wisconsin face a clear choice in this Senate race, and we look forward to the debate.”

Scott Manley, Senior Vice President of Government Affairs for Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, said: “We are fortunate to have a leader like Ron Johnson working for Wisconsin families in the Senate.  He has been a tireless advocate for middle class manufacturing jobs, which are the backbone of our state’s economy.  We need to keep Ron’s voice for job growth and common sense solutions in the U.S. Senate.”

Key Facts: 

  • Ron Johnson has a record of creating good jobs in Wisconsin, starting with the company he founded in 1979 in Oshkosh. Senator Feingold spent 18 years in Washington and 30 years in political office total, in addition to lecturing at Stanford University in California.
  • Ron has fought to grow the economy – not government – by working to control government spending and pushing for policies to get Washington out of the way. This includes fighting for fewer burdensome regulations that make it more expensive to create jobs, pushing for pro-growth tax reform, and encouraging the use of our God-given resources to keep energy prices low. A key example is Obamacare – Ron is working to repair the damage it has done to our economy, and pushing to replace it with patient-centered, market-based reforms.
  • Senator Feingold has voted in favor of raising taxes hundreds of times, helped lay the groundwork for EPA overreach, and has supported numerous policies that harm Wisconsin manufacturers, farmers, and families. He also supports single-payer, government-run health care that would go even further than Obamacare, the president’s job-killing health care law.