With Ron’s help, Kenosha family finally brings home adopted daughter from Congo

By: Casey Geraldo
TMJ4 Milwaukee
March 11, 2016

A Kenosha family is celebrating after years of a difficult adoption.

Now three-year-old Hannah Nixon should have been home with her parents from the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2013. But ,when the country suddenly stopped issuing exit letters, which anybody needs to leave the country, her adoptive parents were at a loss.

“Half of my heart lives on the other side of the ocean,” said mom, Kristie Nixon, after visiting Hannah in 2015.

The family had to have a foster family care for Hannah while they continued four times to renew her visa to come the United States.

The parents turned advocates, traveling to Washington D.C. to speak with their representatives.

“It makes no sense whatsoever. Why allow the adoption go through? And why not let the new parents, new family bring their adoption home,” said Sen. Ron Johnson, (R) Wisconsin. Johnson said it was frustrating to see the love the families have, their willingness to fight and not know why their children couldn’t come home.

Speaker Paul Ryan also helped the family. In a statement Friday, he said he’s “thrilled” for the Nixon’s and “I hope the rest of the unresolved cases are reviewed quickly. These children should not be needlessly separated from their loving parents.”

Johnson said there are eight Wisconsin families impacted by the Democratic Republic of Congo’s adoption policy. They continue to issue lists of children who can come home. Until all of them are home, though, the Nixon’s want to keep fighting for other families like theirs.