Ron Johnson: Standing Up For Wisconsin Families and Communities

As Ron continues work on his initiative with Pastor Smith, we wanted to highlight that effort and the other ways Ron is standing up for Wisconsin families and communities.

1.) With help from Ron, Pastor Smith in Milwaukee connects people with good-paying jobs. “’I believe some of these companies would not have given us the time of day if we did not have an important person like Sen. Johnson in the mix,’ Smith said.”

2.) Ron has been helping Wisconsin families bring their adopted children home from war-torn Congo — including families in Green Bay and Kenosha. Ron said, “we celebrate the fact that about half the families are now having their children returned to them – or brought into America – we still have another half to go. We still have more than 200 families who are affected.”

3.) Ron has also been working on a bi-partisan basis to “ban the box” in order to help job applicants who are trying to turn their lives around. He said, “We have an opportunity in Wisconsin, like many other states already do, to give residents who have made a mistake in life a fighting chance with Ban the Box.”

4.) As was noticed across the country, Ron rocked a Movember goatee for quite some time. The reason? To raise awareness for cancer along with his Chief of Staff, Tony Blando, who is a prostate cancer survivor. “I think it’s important for younger, younger men to be tested,” Tony said, “especially those that are at higher risk — so that they can be treated and they can get a little longer in the tooth and get some gray whiskers.”

5.) Ron traveled the state working with grassroots supporters and the Republican Party of Wisconsin to give back to the finest among us by making care packages for the troops. Ron said, “Peace on Earth, goodwill toward men. Isn’t that something we can all hold in our hearts? So again, I’m just here to say thank you for having that spirit, spreading some of that joy. And I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a very blessed holiday.”