#RonOnTheRoad: Grassroots, Wisconsin, and Hypocrisy

The election cycle is heating up, and apparently so is Wisconsin as we touched 50 degrees last week! Ron spent the week fighting for Wisconsin and travelling across the state as Lincoln Day Dinner season continued.

Working with Grassroots:

Ron visited with grassroots supporters and discussed the serious challenges facing our country at Lincoln Day dinners in Dane, Jefferson, and Kewaunee counties.


In Dane County, Ron, Rep. Sean Duffy, and local Republicans set a 10-year attendance record.


And in Kewaunee County, Ron spoke about letting the American people have a voice in Justice Scalia’s replacement, standing up for Wisconsin, fighting for good-paying jobs, and keeping our country safe.

Working for Wisconsin:

We wanted to make sure that you saw the story on the front page of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about Pastor Jerome Smith of Milwaukee, with help from Ron, working to connect people with good-paying jobs. As the paper reported, ” ‘Having Johnson involved almost certainly helped open doors,’ Smith said. ‘I believe some of these companies would not have given us the time of day if we did not have an important person like Sen. Johnson in the mix,’ Smith said.”


Ron also continued his fight to reform the VA by standing up for whistleblowers. In a letter he and Sen. Chuck Grassley said, “Whistleblowers are some of the most patriotic people we know—men and women who labor, often anonymously, to let Congress and the American people know when government isn’t working so we can fix it.”

Feingold’s Hypocrisy:

Senator Russ Feingold has a history of saying one thing and doing another. As the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports, he once was in favor of filibustering an up-or-down vote on President Bush’s nominee to the Supreme Court. Now that Republicans control Congress, he’s demanding a vote. Here are five other days of hypocrisy we highlighted last week in light of the five-year anniversary of Senator Feingold launching his slush fund:

Day 1: Progressives United revealed as Senator Feingold’s political slush fund.
Day 2: Senator Feingold breaks his pledge to rely on Wisconsin for his campaign donations.
Day 3: Senator Feingold rails against lobbyists for years, then takes money from lobbyist bundlers.
Day 4: Senator Feingold opposes outside spending, then accepts help from outside groups.
Day 5: Senator Feingold condemns paid speeches, then cashes in on the paid-speech circuit.

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