#RonOnTheRoad: Grassroots, Honoring Justice Scalia, Working for Wisconsin

Ron continued his fight for Wisconsin taxpayers this past week – and grassroots supporters continued their fight for conservative leadership in 2016.

Grassroots Support:

Our #TeamRonJon grassroots supporters have been leading the way this election year. In a letter to the editor, Ron from Waupaca wrote that Ron Johnson has been fighting government “waste, fraud and abuse.”

Del from Washington County, with his one-of-a-kind ‪#‎TeamRonJon sweatshirt, told us that he is working to help Ron stand up for America’s future!

Honoring Justice Scalia and Calling for Americans to Have a Voice:

The death of Justice Scalia is a profound loss for America, and Ron believes the next President of the United States should nominate a replacement. “I strongly agree that the American people should decide the future direction of the Supreme Court by their votes for president and the majority party in the U.S. Senate. America needs Supreme Court justices who share Justice Scalia’s commitment to applying the Constitution as written and to the freedom it secures,” he said.

Working for Wisconsin:

Last week, Ron’s committee revealed that $750 million in Obamacare tax credits may have gone to illegal immigrants. His work to hold the federal government accountable is in stark contrast to Senator Feingold’s support for government-run health care.

When news broke about the devastating effects of the Zika virus, Ron took quick action.

And the Country Today agricultural newspaper recently covered Ron’s continued work to stand for Wisconsin farmers, ranchers, loggers and sportsmen on how to manage the gray wolf in our state.

We also hope that you had a great Valentine’s Day – speaking of, here’s a picture of Ron and Jane from their wedding day.


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