#RonOnTheRoad: On The Issues, Lincoln Day Dinners, and a Gun Show

It was another busy week for Ron filled with grassroots events across Wisconsin and working to ensure greater economic and national security for our country.

On Friday, Ron spoke to Mike Gousha at his “On the Issues” speaker series. As Ron said, “… it’s all focused on how can we get a greater feeling of some sense of safety and security in our lives, across the board. … You achieve peace through strength, and that really starts with economic strength.”


Ron also made a stop at the Racine County GOP Lincoln Day Dinner with Speaker Paul Ryan. Ron said that victory in 2016 will be about winning “hearts and minds one person at a time” through an effective grassroots ground game.


The Bob Pucci & Rocco Gun Show was in West Bend on Saturday, and Ron was there talking with Wisconsinites about supporting Second Amendment rights — so they can protect themselves and their families and enjoy the great outdoors as they see fit. He also spoke with supporters and signed some of his famous cups at the Washington County Republican Party booth.


In case you missed it, we wanted to make sure you saw that Ron and Rep. Reid Ribble are standing for Wisconsin farmers, ranchers, and loggers. They wrote an op-ed saying “All of us can all agree that it’s important to protect our environment … But we need to recognize a win. The wolf belongs in Wisconsin, but so do farmers and rural residents. Federal policy should accommodate both.”

Ron’s also working to honor a World War II hero by renaming the Fond du Lac post office after him. “His heroic actions helped ensure the liberation of Europe and our nation’s continued freedom.”

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