Letter to the Editor: “Johnson is the leading watchdog over federal waste, fraud and abuse”

Waupaca County News 
February 5, 2016

As chair of the Senate Homeland Security, Sen. Ron Johnson uncovered Hilary Clinton’s personal email dishonesty and determined the weaknesses of the Iran agreement.

He has also used his vast experience as president and CEO of his plastic sheeting manufacturing company in Fond du Lac, which employs hundreds of highly paid Wisconsin workers, to achieve his fine track record as a U.S. senator.

The fairly recent wrongdoings at the Wisconsin Veterans’ Homes, especially in Tomah, were very real, and when Johnson found out about them, he did something about it. He chairs the committee that is investigating the VA problems, and has subpoenaed them to release documents, resulting in the public release of 140 reports. Through the Whistleblower Protection Act, he is helping to stop action against the witnesses who informed them about the Tomah VA deaths.

When it comes to wasteful federal spending, Johnson has fought to rein it in. He created the Johnson Budget Window, which requires the government to project the federal deficit over 30 years. This includes the ongoing costs of Obamacare, and he is advancing toward a balanced federal budget.

Feingold, on the other hand, voted against a balanced budget amendment four times.

Johnson is the leading watchdog over federal waste, fraud and abuse.

Johnson has really earned the right to be re-elected through his hard work and exemplary results.

Ron Reynolds