Ron On the Issues: Fighting for Wisconsin taxpayers and working to keep our country safe

Ron discusses fighting for Wisconsin taxpayers and working to keep our country safe with Mike Gousha at Marquette University in Milwaukee.

“There’s such a hunger for leadership,” Ron said. “Leadership that will have the courage to tell them the truth, to lay out the facts. People who are willing to take tough votes without their re-election in mind. But it’s all focused on how can we get a greater feeling of some sense of safety and security in our lives, across the board. … You achieve peace through strength, and that really starts with economic strength.”

Watch the video below:

Excerpts from Ron’s remarks:

On bipartisanship: “Just find the areas of agreement. Let’s start solving these problems, start getting results…. I won’t let perfect be the enemy of the good.”

On pushing for a comprehensive strategy to destroy ISIS: “We have to defeat ISIS – but where is the strategy for doing so?”

On his legislation to make sure Syrian refugees are fully vetted before entering our country: “I view it as my responsibility to hold the president and his administration’s feet to the fire.”

On his efforts to control federal spending: “There aren’t a whole lot of accountants in Washington D.C. – there are a lot of lawyers.”

On pro-growth tax reform, big government, and jobs: “Scrap our entire tax code” and replace it with something that raises the revenue we need and does no economic harm.