Ron and Speaker Paul Ryan rally grassroots in Racine

Ron appeared with Speaker Paul Ryan at the Racine County GOP Lincoln Day Dinner, where Ron noted that victory in 2016 will be about winning “hearts and minds one person at a time” through an effective grassroots ground game.

From Fox 6:

… “We have to make 2016 a mandate-choice election,” said Ryan.

The goal of Saturday’s event was to get local supporters plugged in to election efforts, both with their energy and their wallets.

“To spread the word that we need help both financially and on the ground, people doing doors, people helping with phone calls, putting together yard signs, all that good grassroots stuff that’s fun,” said Racine County Republican Party Chair Lisa Bell.

Some say those are the kinds of support that can make or break a candidate in the end.

“Elections are won with votes and they’re won with grass roots efforts. People, you know, really making the arguments, winning kind of hearts and minds one person at a time andthat’s really done at the party level,” said U.S. Senator Ron Johnson.