#RonOnTheRoad: Continuing to work for Wisconsin

Lincoln Day Dinner season is winding up, and that means even more traveling across the state as Ron fights for Wisconsin taxpayers and works to keep our country safe.


Ron made stops last week at the Washington County Lincoln Day breakfast and at the Shawano County Lincoln Day dinner. He also thanked grassroots volunteers at the Winnebago County GOP field office in his hometown of Oshkosh.


Along the way, grassroots supporters are sharing why they’re fighting for conservative leadership in our state. Watch to see what volunteers like Chuck and Patty from Milwaukee County, Abby from Ozaukee County and Bill from Juneau County are fighting for – Bill even drove an hour-and-a-half to do his part!


Volunteers are also writing letters to the editor in their local communities. Amy from Milton summed up exactly what Ron is hearing as he travels the state – Wisconsinites are worried about security. Ron has been working to address that very concern:

  • National Security — Ron is working to keep our county safe as threats to our safety continue to emerge, even in Milwaukee. As Ron said, the foiled attack in Milwaukee “reminds us of the reality that individuals motivated by radical beliefs pose a real threat to the security of Americans wherever they may reside — even here in Wisconsin.”

  • Economic Security — Ron is also working to secure our country’s economic future. With the news yesterday that our national debt reached $19 trillion, you have to see the shocking thing President Obama told him about the debt.

Finally, as you may have seen, Senator Feingold decided to make a rare appearance in Wisconsin last week on Mike Gousha’s “On the Issues” at Marquette University. Here are five things he didn’t tell you about himself.

Whether it’s at a Lincoln Day Dinner, a local field office, or at a stop at McDonald’s we’ll see you out there with #RonOnTheRoad — and make sure to follow along on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.