Letter to the Editor: Ron works to keep our country safe, supports Wisconsin businesses & fights for veterans

Janesville Gazette
Letter to the Editor 
January 28, 2016

Sen. Ron Johnson is fighting to keep our country safe from terrorism, supporting Wisconsin businesses to create good jobs, and fighting for our veterans.

Johnson passed a law through Congress enhancing security to help keep terrorists out of the U.S. by reforming the visa waiver program that our enemies could use to enter our country.

Johnson voted against President Obama’s reckless deal with Iran and fought for it to be considered a treaty. Johnson’s opponent this fall, Russ Feingold, said Iran is “not an enemy country,” even as its leaders chant “Death to America,” fund terror around the world and are on a quest to get a nuclear weapon. Johnson warned that Obama was surrendering by not insisting that Iran dismantle its entire nuclear program. Feingold supports the Iran deal.

Johnson received a 100 percent rating from the National Federation of Independent Business in the 112th and 113th congressional sessions. Feingold was rated among the worst senators by the National Association of Manufacturers each year he was a senator. Feingold’s rating from the National Federation of Independent Business was the lowest of any senator in 2009, the year before voters fired him from the Senate.

Johnson is fighting for our veterans and working to reform the VA. Johnson is working to get to the bottom of the real problems with the VA and to prevent further deaths like those at the Tomah VA medical center.

Johnson is a tireless worker on behalf of us and deserves re-election.