#RonOnTheRoad: Contrast on National Security & Working for Wisconsin

It was another busy week of drawing the contrast with Senator Feingold’s dangerously weak record on national security and focusing on the concerns of Wisconsinites. Here’s the rundown: 

Contrast on National Security

While Senator Feingold has been blindly supporting President Obama’s failed foreign policies, Ron has been working to lead the effort to keep our country safe and destroy ISIS. He spoke with Wolf Blitzer on CNN about a hearing he had on ISIS just last week.


Working for Wisconsin

  • Ron continues to stand with Wisconsin farmers, manufacturers, and families against EPA overreach.
  • Last week he voted to override the president’s veto of legislation that would have stopped the EPA’s “Waters of the U.S.” rule, which stands to let the federal government regulate small ponds, ditches, and creeks on private property – affecting 92 percent of the land in Wisconsin and driving up costs.

Finally, wanted to make sure you saw this soon-to-be-famous video of Ron making his own Egg McMuffin. Next time you’re at McDonald’s, follow his lead to make your own sandwich to get a better value.