#RonOnTheRoad: National Security, SOTU & City Year

The Packers may have lost and the weather may be cold, but Ron’s travels across Wisconsin and work to keep our country safe continue!

Ron recently completed his trip around the state for his national security listening sessions, where he heard from Wisconsinites and local law enforcement about how to keep Wisconsin and our country safe. Read here about how national security has become a local issue, and check out this video detailing some of his other stops.


Ron also attended President Obama’s final State of the Union address. After the speech, he pointed out the president’s failure to develop a comprehensive strategy to destroy ISIS.

Ron then spoke with Charlie Sykes about the president’s address and other topics, including bipartisan regulatory reform, the Iran Deal, and Ron’s work with Pastor Jerome Smith of Milwaukee connecting those in need with good jobs.

And yes, Pastor Smith did go to Washington! Ron invited him as his guest to the State of the Union.


Monday, Ron had the opportunity to support City Year’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service in Milwaukee. The service group works to make the “day off” a day of volunteering and service.


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