Ron Johnson Holds Grassroots Meetings Across Wisconsin

Ron Johnson Holds Grassroots Meetings Across Wisconsin

Meets with dozens of County Coordinators, County GOP chairs and grassroots activists

Ron Johnson held meetings with grassroots leadership across Wisconsin in the past week, discussing his campaign with dozens of supporters who are playing an active role in the Republican ground game to turn Wisconsin red and help him defeat Senator Feingold this fall.

“Ron Johnson is waging a true grassroots campaign that draws on the strength – and demonstrated success – of volunteers across our state who want to elect independent, conservative leadership in 2016,” campaign spokesman Brian Reisinger said. “Republicans have shown time and again they can win tough fights, and they’ll do the same this fall when they help a manufacturer like Ron Johnson defeat a professional politician and Washington insider like Senator Feingold.”


  • Ron’s grassroots meetings included members of his County Coordinators program, local Republican Party county chairs, and top grassroots activists in the Green Bay, Wausau, Eau Claire, River Falls and La Crosse areas.
  • These meetings are part of a statewide effort to leverage Ron’s County Coordinators program, which he recently announced includes grassroots leadership to head up volunteer efforts for the campaign in all 72 counties.
  • The County Coordinators program complements the efforts of the Republican Party of Wisconsin, local county parties and volunteers who have helped build Republicans’ nationally recognized voter turnout operation in Wisconsin. The National Journal reported in October that the party’s turnout operation – which helped propel Gov. Scott Walker in his three electoral victories – is ready to help Ron defeat Senator Russ Feingold in 2016.