#RonOnTheRoad: Care Packages, National Security & Coach Bo Ryan

This past week, Ron had the opportunity to honor the finest among us for the holidays – and travel across the state talking about the real solutions he’s pushing to help keep our country safe.

Ron was in Wausau on Sunday and Madison on Monday with grassroots supporters and the Republican Party of Wisconsin making care packages and writing letters for the troops. This is an ongoing effort and we want to thank you all for your help!

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At these stops Ron also talked about his work on national security. As Chairman of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, Ron has been working to keep Wisconsin and our country safe by:


This week, we all learned that Badgers basketball coach Bo Ryan is retiring. Coach, thank you for all of the memories, all of the wins, and all of your work in the community. Enjoy your retirement and On Wisconsin!

As you’re finishing up with that last minute holiday shopping, don’t forget our Sportsmen for Ron hats, t-shirts and koozies. And remember to follow #RonOnTheRoad on TwitterFacbook, and Instagram to keep track of Ron across Wisconsin.