#RonOnTheRoad: Packers legends, national security and grassroots support

We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving with friends and family last month, and a good start to the rest of the holiday season. Ron has been focused on fighting for our national security — but also got the chance to recognize community service and experience Packer history.
He enjoyed spending Thanksgiving at an event honoring Rawhide Boys Ranch, as well as football legends Bart Starr and Brett Favre, for their service to the organization. On that note, we wanted to make sure you saw Ron’s tribute to Bart Starr and his wife on the Senate floor. He was also at Lambeau Field for the moment many of us will remember for a long time — Bart Starr and Brett Favre appearing together as the Packers retired No. 4.


As Chairman of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security, Ron has been pushing for real solutions to keep Wisconsin and our country safe.

ISIS: Ron led in calling for a comprehensive strategy to destroy ISIS.

Syrian Refugees: Ron offered the top proposal in the U.S. Senate to deal with the flow of Syrian refugees.

Iran: Ron voted against the president’s reckless deal with Iran and fought for it to be considered as a U.S. treaty.

Border Security: Ron is using the power of his committee to push the federal government to secure the border.

Cyber Security: Ron helped pass legislation to deal with the threat of cyber attacks.

Finally, if you’ve picked up a newspaper recently, you may have seen Ron’s op-ed asking us all to support Wisconsin’s small businesses, Fran Hanus’s letter to the editor about Senator Feingold’s hypocrisy and broken promises, or Shirley Jarvis’s letter to the editor detailing Ron’s strong record on national security.



Thank you for all of your support, and if you are interested in writing your own letter to the editor or volunteering with the campaign, feel free to contact us here! And as always, make sure to follow #RonOnTheRoad on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to stay updated.