Ron Johnson: Fighting for real solutions to keep Wisconsin and our country safe

As chairman of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, Ron has been fighting for real solutions to national security issues. Below, find a quick summary of his most recent efforts:

ISIS: Ron led in calling for a comprehensive strategy to destroy ISIS, including the United States assembling a coalition of international allies – similar to the successful strategy of President George H.W. Bush in the first Gulf War – to invade ISIS territory.

Syrian Refugees: Ron offered the top proposal in the U.S. Senate to deal with the flow of Syrian refugees. His legislation would require that the federal government certify that Syrian refugees have been fully vetted before they’re allowed to enter the United States.

Iran: Ron not only voted against the president’s reckless deal with Iran – he fought for it to be considered as a U.S. treaty. He also filed a resolution charging that the Obama administration hadn’t even really allowed for a legally required congressional review because it hadn’t submitted information called for under the law.
Border Security: Ron is using the power of his committee to push the federal government to secure the border – an issue that is even more important in the wake of the recent terrorist attacks abroad. This includes a recent field hearing in Arizona, the release of a report detailing solutions to the problem, and a fact-finding trip to Central America.
Cyber Security: Ron helped pass legislation to deal with the threat of cyber attacks, and used his committee to examine how ISIS uses social media to encourage terrorist activity all across the globe.