Ron discusses defeating ISIS, securing border — Obama ‘continuing to deny reality’

Newsmax TV
By: Greg Richter 
November 16, 2015

President Barack Obama appears to be moving full-speed ahead, bringing 10,000 Syrian refugees into the country even after one of the Paris terrorists was found to have entered Europe as a Syrian refugee, GOP Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson tells Newsmax TV.

“It sounds like he is, continuing to deny reality,” Johnson said when asked about it by “Newsmax Prime” host J.D. Hayworth on Monday.Johnson also addressed a statement by Obama’s deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes, who said on Sunday that all refugees are going through “very robust vetting procedures.”It typically takes 24 months to fully vet a refugee, starting in the country of origin, Johnson said, and that information isn’t even available.

The Senate Homeland Security Committee, which he chairs, will hold a hearing possibly this week to lay out what should be happening and ensuring Obama isn’t short-circuiting the process, Johnson said.

The United States is being more aggressive in terms of being on defense, he said, but added, the “bottom line is we’re vulnerable.”

Obama should “show greater strength, show greater resolve, take this threat seriously, stop denying reality,” Johnson said. “But he’s the commander in chief, he’s the only one that can honestly do it, and he’s simply not.”

Johnson said he wants to see America’s borders secured and then achieve Obama’s stated goal of degrading and ultimately defeating ISIS.

“Ultimately ought to be like real soon,” he said.

Building a coalition like President George H.W. Bush did is vital, he added.

Johnson was critical of descriptions of the Paris attacks as “sophisticated.”

“What’s sophisticated about saying, OK, we’re going to hit all of these targets at 8 o’clock or whatever time they decide to do it?” he said. “What’s sophisticated about using weapons that are widely available in the open market? There’s really not that much sophistication, which just shows how vulnerable we are. We say they’re sophisticated to delude ourselves like it can’t happen here. It can happen here.”