#RonOnTheRoad: Speaker Paul Ryan & Manufacturing Jobs

It was a big week for Wisconsin with Paul Ryan being elected Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. Ron was glad to voice his support for Paul – in between visits to Wisconsin manufacturing facilities and a fact-finding mission on our country’s immigration crisis.

Congratulating Paul Ryan

As Ron said as he celebrated with Paul, “This is a moment in time where a person of integrity, a real leader is needed.”

Ron has also been talking about how he wants to help our new Speaker succeed, saying “I have no doubt Paul will propose positive ideas and solutions to the problems facing our nation. …I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with him since coming to the Senate, and I look forward to continuing that relationship so that together, we can focus on the areas that unite us as a nation rather than those that divide us,” Ron said.

Fighting for Good Wisconsin Jobs

Ron recently completed his Manufacturing Month tour, visiting 10 manufacturing facilities across Wisconsin in the month of October.


As a manufacturer who started his own company in Oshkosh in 1979, Ron knows what it takes to create good Wisconsin jobs. That’s why he spent so much time in October discussing the importance of manufacturing in the state and how his work to get Washington out of the way can lead to more good jobs for Wisconsin families.

Ron’s record on defending good Wisconsin jobs is in stark contrast to Senator Feingold’s failed record supporting burdensome Washington regulations that kill jobs. Check out Five Feingold Fails when it comes to jobs and manufacturing.

Working to Keep Our Country Safe

Ron ended last week with a trip to Central America, where he examined some of the sources of our illegal immigration problem up close. It’s all part of his ongoing work to help secure the border and fix our broken system.

Ron is also continuing his work to keep our country safe from cyber attacks. Last week, Ron’s bipartisan proposal with Sen. Tom Carper passed the Senate as part of a larger piece of cyber security legislation.

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