Ron Johnson: ‘Paul Ryan is a person of integrity, courage, and ideas.’

By: Larry Lee
October 30, 2015

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WSAU) — Now that Congressman Paul Ryan is the new Speaker of the House, some of Wisconsin’s other elected officials in Washington are weighing in on Ryan’s promotion.

3rd District Democrat Ron Kind says he has worked with Ryan, and although they don’t always agree, he’s certain Ryan will do well. “I wish Paul all the success, you know, and if he comes into his position knowing that with our Constitutional democracy, with divided government, with checks and balances, which require some form of cooperation and bipartisanship, then, I think we can get a lot done.” Kind of La Crosse says Wisconsin can be proud to have one of their own as the new Speaker of the House. Kind believes Paul Ryan is going to have deal with some challenges within his own Republican party. “He’s got a rebel group on his hands which can’t get to ‘yes’ on any issue. Quite frankly, it’s what forced Speaker John Boehner out, and we’ll see how well Paul does in managing that.”

Congressman Kind liked what he heard during Paul Ryan’s inaugural speech Thursday… especially about changing how the House does business. He wants to devolve more power and authority to the committees, and I think that’s a smart move. We can’t have this top-down management where all of the bills are being written in the speaker’s office, and expecting your soldiers to line up and march forward.”

U.S. Senator Ron Johnson has a lot of confidence in the man leading the other side of the Capitol. “Paul Ryan is a person of integrity, courage, and ideas. I respect and admire his willingness to accept this nomination. I have no doubt that Paul will propose positive ideas and solutions to the problems facing our nation.” Johnson has worked closely with Paul Ryan over the past six years. “I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with him since coming to the Senate, and I look forward to continuing that relationship so that together, we can focus on the areas that unite us as a nation rather than those that divide us.”

Ryan took the oath of office Thursday, and took the gavel from outgoing speaker John Boehner.

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