#RonOnTheRoad: Manufacturing, Jobs and National Security

Ron has had a busy last several days working hard on two of the most crucial issues facing our country – jobs and national security.

Manufacturing & Jobs

Ron continued his manufacturing stops all across Wisconsin this month with visits to Saris Cycling in Madison and Automation Components Inc. in Middleton on Friday, and John Deere Horicon Works in Horicon and Sentry Equipment Corp. in Oconomowoc on Monday. Check out this video of Ron talking jobs and touring Madison-Kipp Corp. during his Manufacturing Month kickoff the week before!


Also, as Ron highlights the importance of manufacturing and jobs, we want to remind you of Senator Feingold’s abysmal record on jobs in Wisconsin. Hint: It has to do with Bernie Sanders.

National Security

When he wasn’t talking with folks about how to help the private sector create good Wisconsin jobs last week, Ron was standing up for our national security.


Ron’s investigation to make sure the Hillary Clinton email scandal hasn’t compromised national security led to the revelation last week that one of the companies involved in handling Hillary’s emails was worried about a cover-up. 

Ron also won a big victory for military service members in Wisconsin and around the country last week. His proposal to end a prohibition on military service members carrying firearms while at military installations means they’ll be better able to protect themselves from attacks.

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