Hillary Clinton Visit Makes Clear the Choice in Wisconsin’s U.S. Senate Race

While Ron Johnson works to get to the bottom of Hillary scandal, Senator Feingold declines to explain his own

The Ron Johnson for Senate campaign today released the following statement on Hillary Clinton’s visit to Wisconsin:

“Hillary Clinton’s troubled campaign coming to Wisconsin is nothing more than a reminder of the clear choice voters have between an independent citizen-legislator like Ron Johnson and a professional politician like Senator Feingold,” said Betsy Ankney, campaign manager for Ron Johnson for Senate. “While Ron is working to make sure Hillary Clinton’s secretive email practices haven’t compromised our national security, Senator Feingold continues to conduct himself the same way Hillary Clinton does — cashing in on the paid-speech circuit, using his non-profit as a personal slush fund, and betraying the trust of the people. Both Hillary Clinton and Senator Feingold are willing to say and do anything to advance their own political ambition — and Wisconsinites deserve better.”


1. As recent stories have shown, Ron is using his chairmanship of the Senate’s Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs to determine whether Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server during her time as Secretary of State could have compromised national security. This includes:

2. Senator Feingold has yet to explain his hypocrisy and broken promises to the people of Wisconsin. This includes:

  • Cashing in on the paid-speech circuit after criticizing public figures who took speaking fees from private groups.
  • Receiving help from liberal outside groups, including American Bridge, the League of Conservation Voters, the Environmental Defense Action Fund, NARAL Pro-Choice and Planned Parenthood.
  • Saying that there is “no hypocrisy” in abandoning a pledge to raise a majority of his money from within Wisconsin, even though he told Wisconsin voters in 1992 that“I’m promising it for the future” and renewed the pledge with a TV ad in 2010 that aired after the Citizens United ruling he blames for the change.
  • Taking $35,000 in contributions from a lobbyist bundler, despite supposedly building his career on limiting the influence of lobbyists and pushing for tighter restrictions on lobbyist bundlers.
  • And, in a move that would make even Hillary Clinton blush, refusing to fully explain a report by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that his own soft money group, Progressives United, only gave 5 percent of the money it raised to candidates and causes, and instead functioned as a slush fund.