Ron Johnson: ISIS Not Interested in Dialogue

Sen. Ron Johnson called the Obama administration’s response to ISIS “risky and irresponsible” in a stinging rebuke of recent comments from the administration on how to counter the terror threat.
“Barbarians who cut children in half and burn people alive are not about to cease those activities in exchange for an opportunity to enter into a dialogue with their neighbors or even with President Obama regarding economic and political grievances,” said Johnson. “Once again, our president has failed to provide resolute leadership for our nation on this crucial challenge.  His lack of strength and resolve is risky and irresponsible – not only for America but for the entire civilized world.”
Johnson’s statement comes at the end of a week that saw the official spokeswoman for the State Department suggest that ISIS terror is the result of a lack of economic opportunity and an op-ed from President Obama that suggested radical Islamic extremists are responding to “legitimate grievances.”
“ISIS, al-Qaeda, and other related Islamic terror groups are a real and present danger to the political and economic stability of Asia, the Middle East, Africa and parts of Europe,” said Johnson. “They represent a real and growing danger to the American people and American national interests.”