Ron Johnson visits Sparta High School

December 18, 2014

Wisconsin U.S. Senator Ron Johnson made a stop at Sparta High School Thursday afternoon. Johnson was invited to a current events class to talk government spending, student debt, and international relations with students.

Johnson delivered a presentation on the increase in government spending over the last hundred years. Johnson told students to be careful taking on personal debt, and to consider multiple options for education after high school. Johnson said students should not be afraid to look outside four year colleges, and instead should consider technical colleges, junior colleges, the military, and factory work.

Students asked Johnson about his opinions on immigration, and the diplomatic situation with Cuba. Johnson said that the president’s recent actions on immigration were unconstitutional, and also criticized his decision to thaw relations with Cuba.

“This is a significant policy change, and one that really does deserve a full discussion, rather than have the president act unilaterally, which I think has really poisoned the well in terms of moving forward with the issue,” Johnson said about relations with Cuba.

Johnson was also critical of the Senate’s recent report on torture. “The problem had been known, it had been addressed, we should have moved on,” Johnson said. “I also think it’s very counterproductive to be signaling to your enemy what you will or will not do.”