Ron’s Message to Voters: “Let’s Finish Strong”

When I was campaigning with Governor Walker last week, he told the story of how he used to run track — and how his coach told him that no matter the race, you don’t leave anything to chance: you ALWAYS sprint 10 yards past the finish line.

The election is tomorrow. We’re almost to the finish line — and we all have to make sure that we sprint 10 yards past it to ensure victory for Scott Walker and Republicans up and down the ticket.


When I was running in 2010, folks would come up to me and say, “Ron! You’ve got my vote!” And every time someone said that, I would look them in the eye, thank them for their support, and challenge them to go talk to their friends and get 10 or 20 more votes.

That’s your challenge in this final sprint. Get to the polls. Cast your vote for Scott Walker and the Republican team. And make sure you talk to your friends, your family, and your co-workers and urge them to do the same.

You can plug in your address and find your polling location here:

Let’s sprint past the finish line. Let’s finish strong. The stakes are too high to do anything but.

Onward to victory!