Ron Johnson’s lawsuit against executive overreach dismissed

Yesterday, the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin dismissed Ron Johnson’s lawsuit against executive overreach. This means that the merits of our case will not be heard in court because they do not believe he has the legal right to challenge this administration’s unconstitutional overreach.


While it’s disappointing that the case will not be heard in court, Ron is committed to continuing to fight against unconstitutional executive overreach, and he is so thankful for the grassroots supporters, public policy organizations, and members of Congress who rallied behind his lawsuit.

You can read the full decision regarding granting the motion to dismiss here.

The Senator’s remarks regarding the decision are below:

“The Obama administration violated its own signature health care law by giving special treatment to members of Congress and their staffs.  I believe that this executive action by the Obama administration is unlawful and unfair, and that it is only one of many examples of this president’s abuse of his constitutional duty.  Unfortunately, those actions will go unchallenged for now, because the district court granted the administration’s motion to dismiss based on the legal technicality of standing.

“Americans increasingly — and correctly — believe that their government in Washington is out of control, out of touch and lawless.  By its decision today, the court has chosen not to address the important constitutional issues at hand.  My legal team and I will carefully review the decision before determining our next step in this important constitutional dispute.

“I want to personally thank the 45 members of Congress and the public policy organizations who supported amicus briefs, and the tens of thousands of great Americans who have supported this effort.  We’ve lost a battle in court, but we will continue to move forward in our effort to return sanity, fairness and justice to government on behalf of the American people.”