Check out what Ron’s been up to, both in DC and in Wisconsin

It’s been a busy month! We wanted to give you an update on what Ron has been up to, from continuing to keep the pressure on this administration with his lawsuit and consistent challenges on Benghazi, to speaking at the Republican Party of Wisconsin’s convention and meeting with constituents across Wisconsin.RHJ_Convention_for_Update_Email_06.06.14

First, thank you for your ongoing support of Ron’s lawsuit. We have been overwhelmed by the grassroots response – over 80,000 people like you have signed a petition signaling their support! Motions have been filed by both sides and now the courts will decide on whether or not we have standing to move forward. We will keep you posted as the suit progresses.  But again, the fight has only just begun, so please sign up for updatesshare with your friends, and stay informed and involved.

Ron continues to hold the administration accountable as we uncover more about Hillary Clinton’s dereliction of duty surrounding Benghazi. He wrote an OpEd in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in the wake of the belated release of a September 14, 2012 talking points email from deputy national security advisor Ben Rhodes that proved that “senior White House officials were fully engaged in directing the coverup and perpetuating the lies.” Ron was also on The Kelly File with Megyn Kelly on Fox News following Hillary Clinton’s politicized release of the Benghazi chapter of her new book.

Ron also continues to stand up for what he believes is right, challenging Democrat Senator Jay Rockeller’s offensive remarks regarding American opposition to ObamaCare. At a Commerce Committee hearing, Rockefeller said Americans who oppose ObamaCare do so because President Obama is the “wrong color.” Ron responded, defending his opposition to Obamacare: “I didn’t object to this because of the race of the President; I objected to this because it is an assault on our freedom.” You can watch the full exchange here.

As always, Ron is making the most of his limited time in the state, meeting with constituents, business leaders and students throughout Wisconsin. He spoke with students at Cudahy, Nicolet, and Horlick high schools; met with employees at Racine Manufacturing, Aztalan Engineering, and CUNA; and gave his State of the Nation presentation to public audiences in West Bend, Sturtevant, and Bristol. Ron also participated in the opening of Ripon College’s Center for Politics and the People; met with small business owners in McFarland; and held a forestry roundtable at the Wood Technology Centerof Excellence in Antigo, discussing forestry management and the supply of timber in northern Wisconsin with stakeholders.

Lastly, it was so great to see so many familiar faces at the Republican Party of Wisconsin’s convention in Milwaukee in May! You can watch Ron’s speech from convention here.

As always, thank you for all you do. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Betsy Ankney
Political Director
Ron Johnson for Senate