Lawmakers Should Not Get Special Treatment Under Obamacare

Yesterday, the Heritage Foundation hosted Special Treatment: The President’s Unlawful Health Care Handout to Congress today, where Ron Johnson spoke about the lawsuit he filed against the Office of Personnel Management in January.  You can watch the full video of the event here.   


In March, Heritage released a paper outlining their support for Sen. Johnson’s lawsuit.  Ron made the following remarks regarding the lawsuit and the paper:

“I believe it is wrong that the political class gets special treatment that no other American forced onto Obamacare gets in the individual market — a pre-tax employer contribution. I also believe President Obama’s administration illegally violated the will and intent of Congress in carrying out this rule. Despite making 20 unilateral delays and alterations to Obamacare since its implementation, the president has no authority to change the law.”

As we mentioned previously, the Obama administration responded to Ron’s suit a few weeks ago, calling it a “generalized grievance.”

We couldn’t disagree more, and we are thankful for the support of organizations like Heritage and people like you as we stand up to this lawless administration.  Sign up for email updates or chip in to help fund the suit.  Every little bit counts!