President Obama’s Budget and Good Faith Negotiations

Kevin Glass, Managing Director

Guy covered most of the president’s budget earlier today, but something that’s important to emphasize over and over is this: Obama does not and never had the desire to pass this budget.

This budget is a political document that likely won’t be treated seriously even by the Democrats on Capitol Hill. I chatted with Senator Ron Johnson at CPAC, and he reminds us that Obama’s last budget lost 97-0 in the Senate. Sen. Johnson also outlined why he doesn’t think the President is negotiating in good faith with Republicans, and which Democrats it might be possible to work across the aisle with.

Even the liberal Talking Points Memo admits that this is just a wish list of goodies for Obama to shore up his liberal base supporters:

Though required by law, White House budgets are largely political documents that tend to become more and more political as reelection time gets closer and closer.

This year’s will technically be no different — but the long-term stakes will be much higher than they usually are and clarifying that fact for voters will be key to President Obama’s appeal in 2012.

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