Johnson calls for cap on spending

by Andrew Beckett

Wisconsin’s freshman U.S. Senator says his fellow lawmakers need to get serious about cutting federal spending. To make that happen, Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) says Congress needs to set priorities and reform entitlement programs.

Johnson says the public understands that the current level of spending is unsustainable and lawmakers should give voters what they asked for last November. He says a main part of reaching that goal should be to establish spending caps on the federal government.

Johnson has signed on to a proposal that would impose federal spending caps. He also supports setting some constitutional spending limits.

The Oshkosh Republican believes Congressman Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) budget blueprint is a strong proposal to control spending. However, he says there hasn’t been any indication yet from Democrats or the White House that they intend to give the plan serious consideration.

Wisconsin’s Democratic senator, Herb Kohl, has said the plan could come up for a vote in the Senate later this month. However, Kohl says it is unlikely to pass.

Listen to the audio clip here: Wisconsin Radio Network