The recent news that 73 police officers lost their lives during 2021 in the line of duty is beyond tragic. We haven’t seen a number that high since the high crime decade of the 1990’s. As is true of so many disasters that we are witnessing under the Biden Administration and Democrat governance, these murders didn’t just happen. They are related to the hostility toward law enforcement promoted by leaders of the Democrat Party and the radical left.

They are one result of Democrat polices like catch and release at the border, low bail or no bail soft-on-crime treatment of criminals, and the failure of Democrat jurisdictions to fully prosecute violent offenders and put them in jail. Here’s a good article that explains what is happening and it’s affect on our society.

Add these tragedies to the other sad realities created as the result of Democrat governance and policies. The list is long and depressing, but some of the worst examples include:

  • More than 2 million “encounters” with illegal immigrants at our borders with over 1.25 million processed and dispersed all over America – and we have no idea where most have settled.
  •  The embarrassing and dangerous surrender in Afghanistan. Why do you think Russia is threatening Ukraine, China is threatening Taiwan, Iran is more active in Yemen, and North Korea is testing more weapons?
  • Out of control deficit spending sparking 7% inflation – a level not seen in 40 years. This deficit spending is mortgaging our children’s future with no end in sight. If you need evidence, look no further than the fact that our total national debt recently topped $30 trillion!!!!

Unfortunately, the biased media and Big Tech giants are barely reporting any of this. They got Joe Biden elected – even though he primarily campaigned from his basement – and now they’re not about to expose the failures of Democrat governance. If we want to stop their mad dash
toward a socialist future for America, people who love America will have to unite to do so.

The disaster that is Democrat governance is why I decided to run again. By now I hope you realize what a challenge I’ve taken on. Democrats and liberal groups have already spend $12 million in false attacks ads trying to politically destroy me. They allies in the liberal media have
dutifully piled on.

I will need significant resources to counter their lies and distortions. Please consider donating to my campaign now. The sooner I push back, the better chance I have of retaining this U.S. Senate seat and help reverse the destructive path Democrats have put us on.

Fighting for Freedom,

Ron Johnson